Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, from Bob The Chiropractor, your Long Beach chiropractor

Is it ok that I "crack" my own back?

It is ok that your back "cracks", but please do not force your spine to "crack". Imagine that your spine is like a dog attached to a chain in the yard. The dog will try to move around the yard in any way that it can. This means it will pull the chain in any manner that it can.

If there are any links in the chain that are stuck or can not function properly, the other links take on the stress of the pulling from the dog. This additional stress on the other links can create them to breakdown and possibly make the chain fail.

The pulling of the chain by the dog is the force that people put on to their spine to get it to "crack". Please allow a chiropractor to restore the proper function of your spine and therefore not allow your spine to fail like the chain.

Can I get my friends to adjust me?

Yes, only if they are a chiropractor. Please do not allow untrained people to put improper stress on your spine.

Once I see a chiropractor will I have to see one for the rest of my life?

Most chiropractic patients first receive care when they are experiencing pain, this pain is a sign of the dysfunction of their spine. The dysfunction has usually been occurring for some period of time. This period of time can range from months to years. This dysfunction is most often connected to some sort of trauma or stress do to our daily lives. Most chiropractic patients continue care after their pain has gone away to completely remove the dysfunction or to maintain their spine throughout the stresses of daily life.

Can I afford chiropractic health care?

Yes, everyone deserves chiropractic health care. We offer care at rates almost anyone can afford.


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