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From Dr. Bob Benaderet,

your Long Beach Chiropractor

You’ve taken the first steps towards improving your most valuable possession, your health. We see patients with a variety of health issues who respond well to chiropractor care, and we can help you.

Our Philosophy

Your Kite, Your Life

The winds can easily disrupt the kite and its structure. This disruption can lead to loosening or tightening of the strings and the connections between the sticks. These adaptations help the kite stay in the sky, but they hurt the integrity of its structure. In your body, this loss of integrity can create pain and more importantly loss of function. A joint restriction in your spine is the tightening of the connection between the sticks in the kite. Our goal is to provide your body with a controlled force to create more motion and function within that area of your spine.

Our Facility

Our offices are built for you.

Your Goals

We will work to get you back to achieveing the goals you have in life.

Our Specialties

We mix chiropractic care with physiotherapeutic methods, exercise, and nutritional coaching.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with fast quality care, we know your time is important.

Open to All

Everyone deserves chiropractic care.

Our Happy Clients

Five Star Reviews

Wow. What’s great place. I had never been to a chiropractor before and have had a lot of spine issues my whole life. Bob took some time to understand what’s been going on and was very thorough in explaining why I’ve been in pain and what he was going to do to help. I fell much better after lots of good cracks and was a bit sore for the next day or so as he said I would be. Will definitely be back!

Bob the Chiropractor!! Thank you so much for adjusting me. I know i gotta do my homework and start stretching more often, but the adjustment was a great reset. I highly recommend this location. Parking wasn’t as bad as i thought there’s meters just off the side street. Thank you again! I am sleeping much better!

I am Hairdresser and i just have a baby so being suffering a lot of wrist problems also shoulders pain and i come to get a massage with Cat after 2 massage my body start to feel so much better, i will be taking more massage with her is healing and she give some advice to get better she is very knowlage of her work, i highly recomended.

I really enjoyed my visit today at “Bob the Chiropractor”. I was referred from a client and I am glad I took the recommendation. Street parking (couldn’t figure out stupid machine), but didn’t have any trouble finding a space. Office was cool with plenty of Long Beach memorabilia. Bob did a great job with my adjustments and I feel great. $50 for first time visit. I will follow up with monthly adjustments and hopefully make some time for a massage. Thanks Bob!

I had a great session with Doctor Bob. He is funny, warm, smart and full of information. He really knows how to alleviate pain and tightness in the neck and back. His adjustment to my neck was excellent and helped me feel better. I trust him and highly recommend him. I will definitely be a repeat customer.